Aug. 12th, 2004

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Hey all, I've had a LJ for quite some time now, but I never really bothered to post anything. A couple IRL friends of mine, Emma and Cassandra stared their own, and I guess I just said to myself "Hey, I should start writing in mine..." So as you can see, I have.

Lets see here, where to start...

Well a coupple weeks ago Emma and I decided to throw one of our friends, Meaghan, a birthday party on the week of the 25th, and we decided to include Cassandra also, because we kinda missed hers too. Wednesday, we found out that Meaghan and Cassandra were thinking of throwing our own, so that kinda threw a wrench into the process. Then we had an idea, our best guy friend, Brad, had a day off friday, so we'd throw it then. We called the three of them and we told Meaghan and Cassidy that the five of us were going to get together and go swimming at the beach since our Bradly had a day off. We told Brad the truth, saying that it was a surprise party for the two of them and he was happy to come. With that done, we were real excited and we went into Sidney today to go pick up stuff for the party. We saw Brad and I pounced on him in the middle of the crosswalk and he turned around. He kinda looked pissed off and said "What the hell Jackie?" and walked off. After getting the things we needed, we headed back to my place and stored the things before heading to Emma's to make the cake. We were there for about five minutes and my brother Zachary (Who had been with us the whole day, tagging along into Sidney for no apparent reason, just to tick us off.) phoned and said he found out why Brad had reacted the way he did. Apparently, he called just after I left, and he said that Pharmasave (the place he works at) was making him work tomorrow, therefore making it so he couldn't make it tomorrow. All three of us were bummed and Emma and I decided to throw the party anyway.

So now the cake is made, the presents, party hats(we thought they were hilarious and bought them), and refreshments bought, the party has shrunk to four people.

Man it's gonna be crazy with the four of us in one tent.

I' writing this from Emma's house, not just because I'm here, and not at home, but because I have no other computer to really use, mine is down, and the only oner one I can use is Ratha's so I'll post when I can.

Talk to you all later,



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