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Thirteen's jerked suddenly to one side by her red-headed shopping companion and her arm protests at bring yanked.

"What do you see, Edie?"

The woman in question points inside the store through it's window.

"Look at that dress!"

It takes a moment for Thirteen to spot the dress in question, but she can't help but agree with Edie.

"It's pretty."

"It'd look lovely on you, Darling!"

"I...don't really do dresses Edie..."

Edie tugs a little on her arm, leading her inside.

"Oh come on, for me? Just try it on?"

Thirteen sighs.


They find her size on the rack, and shortly after, Thirteen's in a change room stall, shimming into the deep red dress.

"Err, Edie?"

"What is it? Do you need another size?"

"No, it's not that. I just can't get these laces done right, help me out."


When Edie enters the small cubicle, Thirteen's back is already to her, and after closing door behind herself, she begins lacing up the back of the dress carefully.

Thirteen can't help but shiver at the light touch of Edie's fingers against her bare back, and she swallows thickly.

"There, done. Now let's have a look at you."

Thirteen turns around quickly, only to come face to face with Edie's...chest.

"Christ, someday you'll take out an eye with those."

Edie grins a smug grin.

"Who says I haven't already?"

Despite herself, Thirteen feels her cheeks heating at the comment and Edie laughs.

"Are you blushing? That's adorable!"

Thirteen attempts a scowl.

"Shut up."

Edie just leans down to kiss her lightly, and Thirteen finds herself returning the gesture.

Vaguely, she's aware of herself being lifted slightly and her legs wrap around Edie's waist.

Her last coherent thought for a good while is that she's definitely buying the dress.
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They take her dancing.

Not nightclub dancing, where the music's so loud you can't hear yourself think, along with the crowds and the sweat; but a fancy restaurant with a live band and an honest-to-god dance floor.

Like most places, the trio get some odd looks when Adam and Joey plant themselves firmly on either side of Suz, linking arms with her as they're lead to their table and seating themselves close enough to brush their legs against hers.

Dinner is wonderful, and the band is just as great, and soon after their plates are cleared, Joey takes her arm and tugs her gently towards the dance floor. The music is fast and upbeat, and the dark-haired Hunter twirls her around the dance floor, both of them laughing the whole while.

When Adam comes to cut in, the music changes, the songs are slower, more sedate, and Adam holds her close as they move. She lays her head on his shoulder and breathes in the smell of them, enjoying the closeness between them.

She hardly notices when Joey joins them again, quite effectively sandwiching her between the two of them, though she's not about to complain.

She's not sure how long they stay like that, but when she finally looks up from Adam's shoulder to look around, the dance floor is almost deserted, and the restaurant looks pretty empty. Grinning, she looks up at them both.

"You fellas sure know how to show a girl a good time."
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Joey hasn't needed to knock to get into Adam's house for years, and over time, he's gotten accustomed to just letting himself in and sprawling on the couch until his red-headed friend makes an appearance.

This understandably takes him a little aback when he finds Adam already on the couch, with a girl in his lap...kissing. Something twinges painfully inside Joey's chest, and the lanky, dark-haired youth is out the door, inadvertently slamming it behind himself.

He's not even halfway down the driveway when hurried footsteps sound behind him, and an all too familiar voice calls from behind him.

"Joey! Wait!"

Frowning, Joey pauses in his movement, unable to keep the hurt tone from his voice as he turns to face Adam.

"What? Shouldn't you be inside with your girlfriend?"

Adam reels back at the words, and the inexpiable hurting part of Joey finds satisfaction in seeing the stricken look on Adam's face.

"Joey, it's not like that, she-"

"What, she fell into your lap and started kissing you?"

"Pretty much, yeah. Why are you so upset about this? We've both dated other people before."

Joey makes a frustrated noise, scrubbing a hand through his hair.

"I don't know, Adam. I just...damnit!"

Adam frowns concernedly and reaches for Joey, causing his heart to race and his mouth to dry.

"Joey, we've known each other for ages, tell me what's wrong."

"I-I don't-"

"Joey, please."

Steeling himself, Joey suddenly steps close to Adam, causing the redhead to take a step back in shock. Joey follows the movement though, and quickly presses his lips to his friend's.

Adam makes a muffled, startled noise against his mouth, and for a moment, Joey thinks he's going to pull away, but instead, the redhead wraps his arms around him, and intensifies the kiss.

Eventually the pair need air, and they break apart, panting. Adam grins up at Joey teasingly.

"Well, this is interesting."

Joey chuckles.

"Is is. What about that girl."

"What girl?" Adam responds, and leans up to capture another kiss.
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Coreen, as always, is up before Remy's alarm goes off, content to curl against the other woman's side and bask in the calm before the two of them have to be awake and work takes Remy from her for the day.

When the alarm finally sounds, Remy just snugs all the closer to her lover, nearly wrapping herself completely around the smaller woman while she tries to ignore the shrill beeping noise. Coreen smiles, but makes no movement just yet to untangle herself from the other woman.

"Rem? It's time to get up, love."

Remy just groans sleepily and hooks a leg over hers. "Dun wanna get up."

Coreen smiles indulgently, placing a few kisses along her jaw line. "You're going to have to, otherwise House'll send someone to get you."


"Then Foreman'll spend the whole time glaring at me for 'taking his woman'"

Remy groans. "Alright, fine, I'm up."

Coreen smiles cheerfully. "Great, now go take a shower, I'll make breakfast."

With that Coreen wriggles out of Remy's arms and out of the bed before heading to the kitchen, leaving the other woman to stumble her way sleepily into the bathroom.

Remy emerges nearly twenty minutes later, fully dressed with still damp hair, and she kisses Coreen thankfully as she's handed a mug of tea and directed to a plate of breakfast at the table. They talk for the short remaining time Remy has left with Coreen for the morning, right up until Remy has her sneakers laced and is kissing her on her way out the door while Coreen is pressing a bag of lunch into her hands.

They spends their respective days as they will, Remy saving lives as usual while Coreen paints and teaches classes. When the young doctor finally comes home roughly around seven in the evening, she's exhausted, and she greets Coreen with a kiss before flopping onto the couch, still clad in her jacket and untied sneakers. Coreen quietly sets up an easel nearby, and shortly after, Remy's drifting off to the sound of Coreen's serene humming and the smell of stew wafting into the kitchen.

She stays like this for some time, not even twitching as Coreen readjusts her limbs carefully and presses a kiss to her forehead, but by the time she's awake again the stew is done and there's a black and white painting of Remy, right down to her untied Chucks. Remy yawns mightily, stretching almost feline like as she climbs off the couch to admire her girlfriend's work, leaning to kiss her sweetly.

"It's wonderful."

Coreen looks up at her, beaming. "You think so?"

"I know so." Coreen blushes prettily and Remy can't help but steal another kiss. "Right, I'm famished and dinner smells wonderful, shall we?"

Dinner progresses as it normally does; Thirteen inquires after certain humorously problematic students, and Coreen asks after her favourite problem-child doctor, House. They laugh and talk, enjoying the company of each other until the quiet supper is finished and put away.

For a while the pair cuddle on the couch, watching television and enjoying their time together and eventually they shift to the bedroom ultimately descending into traded kisses and petting before curling together in the bed for the night.

Coreen, as always, is up before Remy's alarm goes off...
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Adam was bored.

Earlier, his parents had told him they were going out for the evening, and that he was coming with him. Soon after, his nanny had dressed him in a stiff, uncomforable suit, combed and styled his hair, and told him he was not allowed to get all rumpled before the evening, which was still hours away.

When his mother had told him that they were going to a funraiser, for some poor orphans, Adam thought there would be at least some childern there. Instead, he was left to wander through a sea of adult legs, in his uncomfortable suit and try to amuse himself. The food, he disovered, when his stomach started growling, was icky, and he quickly leaned that adults got a bit testy when you tried to pull yourself higher and see if there was anything better to eat that he couldn't reach.

He was about to go track down a footstool or chair when a noise reached his ears.


Quickly, he glanced around for the source, and the sound came again.


More looking revealed no source, until:

"Pssst! Hey! Down here!"

Finally having a direction to look, he spotted a boy with a head of dark hair peeking out from under the tablecloth of the food table.

"What're you doing under there?"

"Doesn't matter, just get under here!"

With a glance around, and a mental shrug, Adam ducked under the table as well, joining the strange boy.

The boy had quite the setup under here. A flashlight for light, a few comic books, and most importantly of all food! Adam's eyes widen, and he points to the dish as he seats himself across from the boy.

"How'd you get that?"

The boy grins impishly, pushing the plate at him as he speaks.

"If you look real sad at the food people, they'll give you some of the good stuff. Here!"

Adam happily samples the fare, taking a few mouthfulls before remembering to introduce himself.

"I'm Adam."

"Joey, nice to meetcha. Wanna read comics?"


Much later, as the party wore down the boys were found, curled together under the table with the half-finished plate of food and comic books around them and jokingly, Adam's father quips to Joey's about seeing a merger in the future, while their mothers cooed simperingly about how adorable the boys were.

Neither boy complained though, when playdates were arranged and they began to see a lot more of each other.


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