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Thirteen's jerked suddenly to one side by her red-headed shopping companion and her arm protests at bring yanked.

"What do you see, Edie?"

The woman in question points inside the store through it's window.

"Look at that dress!"

It takes a moment for Thirteen to spot the dress in question, but she can't help but agree with Edie.

"It's pretty."

"It'd look lovely on you, Darling!"

"I...don't really do dresses Edie..."

Edie tugs a little on her arm, leading her inside.

"Oh come on, for me? Just try it on?"

Thirteen sighs.


They find her size on the rack, and shortly after, Thirteen's in a change room stall, shimming into the deep red dress.

"Err, Edie?"

"What is it? Do you need another size?"

"No, it's not that. I just can't get these laces done right, help me out."


When Edie enters the small cubicle, Thirteen's back is already to her, and after closing door behind herself, she begins lacing up the back of the dress carefully.

Thirteen can't help but shiver at the light touch of Edie's fingers against her bare back, and she swallows thickly.

"There, done. Now let's have a look at you."

Thirteen turns around quickly, only to come face to face with Edie's...chest.

"Christ, someday you'll take out an eye with those."

Edie grins a smug grin.

"Who says I haven't already?"

Despite herself, Thirteen feels her cheeks heating at the comment and Edie laughs.

"Are you blushing? That's adorable!"

Thirteen attempts a scowl.

"Shut up."

Edie just leans down to kiss her lightly, and Thirteen finds herself returning the gesture.

Vaguely, she's aware of herself being lifted slightly and her legs wrap around Edie's waist.

Her last coherent thought for a good while is that she's definitely buying the dress.
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