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Coreen, as always, is up before Remy's alarm goes off, content to curl against the other woman's side and bask in the calm before the two of them have to be awake and work takes Remy from her for the day.

When the alarm finally sounds, Remy just snugs all the closer to her lover, nearly wrapping herself completely around the smaller woman while she tries to ignore the shrill beeping noise. Coreen smiles, but makes no movement just yet to untangle herself from the other woman.

"Rem? It's time to get up, love."

Remy just groans sleepily and hooks a leg over hers. "Dun wanna get up."

Coreen smiles indulgently, placing a few kisses along her jaw line. "You're going to have to, otherwise House'll send someone to get you."


"Then Foreman'll spend the whole time glaring at me for 'taking his woman'"

Remy groans. "Alright, fine, I'm up."

Coreen smiles cheerfully. "Great, now go take a shower, I'll make breakfast."

With that Coreen wriggles out of Remy's arms and out of the bed before heading to the kitchen, leaving the other woman to stumble her way sleepily into the bathroom.

Remy emerges nearly twenty minutes later, fully dressed with still damp hair, and she kisses Coreen thankfully as she's handed a mug of tea and directed to a plate of breakfast at the table. They talk for the short remaining time Remy has left with Coreen for the morning, right up until Remy has her sneakers laced and is kissing her on her way out the door while Coreen is pressing a bag of lunch into her hands.

They spends their respective days as they will, Remy saving lives as usual while Coreen paints and teaches classes. When the young doctor finally comes home roughly around seven in the evening, she's exhausted, and she greets Coreen with a kiss before flopping onto the couch, still clad in her jacket and untied sneakers. Coreen quietly sets up an easel nearby, and shortly after, Remy's drifting off to the sound of Coreen's serene humming and the smell of stew wafting into the kitchen.

She stays like this for some time, not even twitching as Coreen readjusts her limbs carefully and presses a kiss to her forehead, but by the time she's awake again the stew is done and there's a black and white painting of Remy, right down to her untied Chucks. Remy yawns mightily, stretching almost feline like as she climbs off the couch to admire her girlfriend's work, leaning to kiss her sweetly.

"It's wonderful."

Coreen looks up at her, beaming. "You think so?"

"I know so." Coreen blushes prettily and Remy can't help but steal another kiss. "Right, I'm famished and dinner smells wonderful, shall we?"

Dinner progresses as it normally does; Thirteen inquires after certain humorously problematic students, and Coreen asks after her favourite problem-child doctor, House. They laugh and talk, enjoying the company of each other until the quiet supper is finished and put away.

For a while the pair cuddle on the couch, watching television and enjoying their time together and eventually they shift to the bedroom ultimately descending into traded kisses and petting before curling together in the bed for the night.

Coreen, as always, is up before Remy's alarm goes off...


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