Jan. 17th, 2010

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Adam was bored.

Earlier, his parents had told him they were going out for the evening, and that he was coming with him. Soon after, his nanny had dressed him in a stiff, uncomforable suit, combed and styled his hair, and told him he was not allowed to get all rumpled before the evening, which was still hours away.

When his mother had told him that they were going to a funraiser, for some poor orphans, Adam thought there would be at least some childern there. Instead, he was left to wander through a sea of adult legs, in his uncomfortable suit and try to amuse himself. The food, he disovered, when his stomach started growling, was icky, and he quickly leaned that adults got a bit testy when you tried to pull yourself higher and see if there was anything better to eat that he couldn't reach.

He was about to go track down a footstool or chair when a noise reached his ears.


Quickly, he glanced around for the source, and the sound came again.


More looking revealed no source, until:

"Pssst! Hey! Down here!"

Finally having a direction to look, he spotted a boy with a head of dark hair peeking out from under the tablecloth of the food table.

"What're you doing under there?"

"Doesn't matter, just get under here!"

With a glance around, and a mental shrug, Adam ducked under the table as well, joining the strange boy.

The boy had quite the setup under here. A flashlight for light, a few comic books, and most importantly of all food! Adam's eyes widen, and he points to the dish as he seats himself across from the boy.

"How'd you get that?"

The boy grins impishly, pushing the plate at him as he speaks.

"If you look real sad at the food people, they'll give you some of the good stuff. Here!"

Adam happily samples the fare, taking a few mouthfulls before remembering to introduce himself.

"I'm Adam."

"Joey, nice to meetcha. Wanna read comics?"


Much later, as the party wore down the boys were found, curled together under the table with the half-finished plate of food and comic books around them and jokingly, Adam's father quips to Joey's about seeing a merger in the future, while their mothers cooed simperingly about how adorable the boys were.

Neither boy complained though, when playdates were arranged and they began to see a lot more of each other.


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